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Charlotte's Skyline from The South East

Jamaican Resraurants and Food In Charlotte, North Carolina, USA




 Google Local Map of Charlotte

For our survey of Jamaican restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, we did a search for "Jamaican restaurants in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA" on, Local Maps prior to arriving in Charlotte and visiting the restaurants.

The search on yields the above map of Charlotte. As you can see in the left panel, the listing is primarily derived from Jamaican restaurants in Charlotte run in an East to West arch near the downtown area. They are all South of Highway 85. A few are near to the Highway 85. If you travel Highway 85 you may want to visit one of these restaurants for a change from the typical rest area fare. Prices are competitive.

Jamaican restaurants in Charlotte come in all sizes: some are fairly large sit-down restaurants, a few are only take-outs, and one combines a substantial grocery store with a take-out restaurant.

The number of Jamaican restaurants in Charlotte has grown with the growing Jamaican population. Some people feel the number of Jamaican restaurants, which depend primarily for patrons from the Jamaican community, cannot be supported by the size of the Jamaican population. Already, a few restaurants have closed. The other issue, of course, is that Jamaican cuisine is becoming mainstream and offerings are now available in a number of mainstream restaurants. Moreover, the average person in Charlotte is unaware of some of these restaurants. Of course, if you want an authentic dining experience and authentic Jamaican food, the chains cannot beat the local Jamaican restaurants.

This brief survey is meant to acquaint you with the restaurants and what they offer. If we have erred in our coverage in any way and you have better information please let us know and we will update our records accordingly.

 Island Grocery
Island Grocery
The only place to buy Jamaican groceries in Charlotte. People come from as far as Raleigh to shop here!

 Inside Island Grocery
Inside Island Grocery is well stocked with provisions.

 Chelsea's Caribbean Delight
Chelsea's Caribbean Delight

 Inside Chelsea's Caribbean Delight
Inside Chelsea's Caribbean Delight Brother Bo serves a customer
the best curried chicken in Charlotte

 Tropical Heat Caribbean Restaurant and Longue
 Tropical Heat Caribbean Restaurant and Lounge is a large place with a live reggae band every Friday!

 Caribbean Hut
Caribbean Hut is located near to the 85.

 Inside Caribbean Hut
Inside Caribbean Hut

 Mamas Caribbean Grill
Mamas Caribbean Grill is Next door to Reggae Central.

 Antony's Caribbean Cafe
Antony's Caribbean Cafe is at 7th Street and Pecan (on the side street) right next to the water tower near Mercy Hospital. It is a sizable sit-down take-out restaurants which is well attended at lunch time.

 Austin's Caribbean Cusine
Austin Caribbean Take-out

 Tropical Goodies Restaurant
Tropical Goodies Restaurant is closed and under renovation.

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