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REVIEW: Starapples Restaurant, Kingston, Jamaica

94 Hope Road, Kingston 6,
Jamaica, WI (near the Bob Marley Museum and near Devon House)
Phone: 876-927-9019
Fax: 876-946-1833

Excellent food, great location, good prices and a pleasant atmosphere.

If you are coming from downtown Kingston on Hope Road, on the same side of Hope Road as the Bob Marley Museum, going towards Papine you will come to a purple parking area for Starapples restaurant, a little farther up the road on the same block is the delightful Starapples restaurant, also painted purple.

For those who don't know, starapple is a delicious milky fruit that comes in two versions when ripe: green and purple. Starapples restaurant is located in an area of Kingston that is accessible to most visitors. Few overseas visitors would miss a visit to the Bob Marley museum or Deacon House. Starapples is located on the same side of Hope Road as the Bob Marley Museum, Devon House and the the Office of the Prime Minister.

Although I drove pass it a couple of times, it should be hard to miss. Starapples Restaurant and separate parking area are painted purple.


A party of six of us arrived at Starapples for lunch. Six lunches and drinks gave us a good sample of what Starapples has to offer. There are a couple of small dining rooms and the crowd was young to middle-aged adults -- mostly Jamaican or Jamaican expatriates. The decor is fairly simple and charming. The food servers, although fairly efficient were also relaxed and charming. We did have one mix-up with an order that was never delivered. But other than that everything went well.

From the reports of others in my lunch party, the curry goat was excellent and satisfied one overseas visitor's quest for a good plate of curry goat while on the Island. The oxtail and beans got an equally good review. Two of us had vegetable rundown. For one it was all thumbs up. For me the vegetable rundown, served over bammies that resembled dumplings and rice and peas, was good but I longed for rundown as I remembered it -- a little more coconut oil and little thicker custard. Nevertheless it was quite satisfying. For my drink, I had Jew plum drink which was quite good as were the other fruit drinks that others in our dining party had. I can't remember which entrees the other two people in our party had, but I do remember that they gave thumbs up on their meals. So, other than the glitch with the order, our dining experience was quite positive.

Starapples has excellent food, good prices and a pleasant atmosphere. The staff is friendly, not too intrusive, and fairly efficient. I especially appreciated that they allowed us time to engage in conversation after our meal. The food is for the most part phenomenal. And Starapples is a great venue for a business lunch.

The menu offers food in the following categories:

seafood - 6 entrees
chicken - 5 entree
all time Jamaican favorites - 5 entrees
pork - 3 entrees
vegetarian - 4 entrees
pasta - 4 entrees
and salad - 3 entrees.

Sample prices, lunch and dinner menu:
Appetizers: Soup, saltfish fritters, jerk sausages with dip, pepper shrimp, vegetable samosas. Prices for appetizers range from $100 (soup) to $300 (pepper shrimp) or approximately from $1.65 to $5.00 US.

Sample lunch and dinner entrees with prices:
steamed fish: $400 (approximately $6.50 US)
jerk chicken: $320 (approximately $6.35 US)
curried goat: $300 (approximately $5.00 US)
stewed pork: $350 (approximately $5.85 US)
callaloo quiche: $300 (approximately $5.00 US)
meatballs and spaghetti : $300 (approximately $5.00 US)
jerk chicken salad: $300 (approximately $5.00 US)

Meals are served with a choice of rice and peas, white rice, pumpkin rice, baked potato, festival, bammies, roti and steamed vegetables or tossed garden salad.


Sample beverages:
coffee: $50 (approximately $0.85 US)
carrot juice: 80 (approximately $1.35 US)

Business Hours:
Mon - Thurs    11:30 AM - 9:00 PM
Fri - Sat           11:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Sunday            11:30 AM - 6:00 PM


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